A long scroll of material hung inside the glass cabinet. A queue of people were looking in intently. In my thoughts I was watching the Battle of Hastings. Edward was sensing his death so he called upon Harold, his brother-in-law. “You are to go to William my nephew, Duke of Normandy, tell him I am dying and that he is now the heir to my great Family’s throne” So, I then saw Harold smile and wave to Edward. He was a messenger. He unwound his horse’s reins and jumped upon him while calling to his servants and many other people. He yelled in my direction. “To the boats. That means you too!”. I looked behind me. Phew! He was talking to the man behind me and as I was in my thoughts I was probably invisible. The man and I went to the boats as well. They sailed off the shores of England on a long journey to Normandy, To William’s house to be precise! They landed, unfortunately in the wrong place and were captured. William insisted that they be let go. They all go to Normandy together, peacefully. Finally they arrive still on horse back. After some feasting Harold declares “When Edward is dead you will rule the whole of England and with that he assured William he would get the throne of you know where when Edward died. As soon as, you can say to Harold Home Sweet Home and I am sorry Edward died, he did a very very (x4) shocking thing. He acted like his promise was typed on a computer just like these words are and could be deleted with one stroke. He basically, well I dread to say it, he he he h-h-he went back on his words!! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! He made himself King!

“Is he gone?” I ask myself while hiding behind a tree. “No you silly! He doesn’t go until the war which happens very soon”. Well I think I’ll come out from the tree and tell you that pretty soon the truth came to pretty happy William, for he thought he got himself a free country. Now his smile faded. He ordered battle ships to be made. When everything was ready they… looked up on the internet to see when the wind would blow in the right direction. Sorry that’s too modern dayish. Some how they found out! Sadly, unfortunately, badly, annoyingly, sorrowfully, horrifyingly, making people wait more, the wind was not going in the right direction in a long while. Three months time they waited and finally the big day arrived! They made the long journey in only one whole day! When they arrived they went first through a town that definitely was not ready for battle as for the other towns were also not ready. They went through and found a place to stay and set up camp. Soon enough the King, naughty Harold heard the news and went to attack. Many bad things happened. Heads chopped off, spears in hearts, arrows in bodies of horses and men etc., the list goes on. Anyway skip the gruesome parts. Some way or anther the battle only lasted well a very short time and I will nickname it instead of the Battle of Hastings, The 16 Hour Battle. Yep! Thats right it only lasted 16 hours. Many people died, by … okay I have already told you that stuff. I think I will rate this an R19 movie (documentary). Here is an interesting fact. Although Harold’s men were fighting on foot the men of William fought on Horseback. Sadly William conquered Harold. Someone shot an arrow into Harold’s eye which went into his brain and killed him (Gurgh! Yuck!). Triumphantly William went to his rightfully promised land, the very much indeed famous ENGLAND. Have you ever been there? I defiantly have and how about Hastings itself? Of course sure! I have been there. Carrying on. I was shaken out of my thoughts when we came into the light of the room next door. We then went down stairs to the gift shop where I bought a coin to remember my adventure in the Battle of Hastings! Boy! I have done a lot of thinking and imagining today, I need a break. Hang on a moment! I am on holiday!

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