We went to Monaco yesterday (21st April). Monaco is the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican. It is ruled over by a prince called Albert the 2nd. He is married to Princess Caroline on the 2ndJuly 2011. Pretty recent! We went inside the palace and the prince was in part of the palace that was not open to the public! The parts we saw were actually furnished. We also went inside the throne room. The throne was as big as a normal chair but decorated beautifully.

We also went to a ocean museum that had a few tanks in it. We saw a fascinating leopard shark about 85cm – long it was dirty white with black dots all over it.


Me and mum went on a car train together while Daniel and dad went to a car show (BEWARE:Daniel will write about it. A LOT). It was a really fun ride and we learnt a lot about Monaco. Did you know it is less than 2sqm.

We saw so many Ferrari’s there probably because rich people go there as it is tax free country.

(21 April 2012)