Today after going to Prince Albert the Second’s palace we went to an oceanagraphic museum in Monaco which is the second smallest country in the world being only 2square km. At the oceanagraphic the first thing we did was go to the museum part. There was a model of a very rare shark called the barb shark – it has never been seen alive. There was lots of jellyfish as well; in-case you don’t know a jellyfish has no brain and heart (not learned at the museum). Then Mum spotted something that looked like a sting ray exclaiming “look a model of a sting ray” but I said that it was a angel shark; looking on the note about it we found that it was a angel shark. I also was able to determine the specs of many other fish such as the leopard shark, black tip reef shark, angel fish , picasso fish, queen angel fish, hermit crabs and many other species all of which appeared in the aquarium. In the aquarium we saw a hermit crab with a sea anemone attached to its shell so predators do not eat it (also not learned at the aquarium). My favorite part was seeing the spotted dog fish (a type of shark) eggs.

Then dad said that he would surprise me by taking me to the super car show, costing 50 euros for an adult (about 90 NZ dollars). Before we were even in I had seen a McLaren, Lamborghini, a few Ferrari’s and a couple of Bentley’s. Inside I got a free book and first thing we were saw some super boats. The first car we saw was a Lexus driven by the prince of Monaco. Then we came to all the stalls with 5,000 dollar watches, hologram TVs, motorized surfboards and jewelry – soon we were wondering when we were going to came to the cars!

We then went up an escalator and the first thing we noticed was a huge room filled with cars – it’s hard to describe it – you wouldn’t know where to start but this is the first car.


The next car was a yellow Spanish car getting to 100km in 2.9 seconds.


Then typically, cheeky dad asked if I could sit in it and the man made a special exception just for me.

Here I am!


Soon dad was looking at another Ferrari when I said forget that one look at this and…behold right there before our very eyes was the most amazing extraordinary incredible car getting to 100km/h in the quickest time yet – 2.5 seconds -and is the fastest car in the world getting to 430 km/h – do you want to know what it is? Drum roll please …………… the Bugatti Veyron!



This is a car made by the same company as the one below, which is an upgraded version of the MacLaren.


The normal MacLaren is this orange one.


The next car was extremely good for an electric car 100km/h in 2.9 seconds.



There were lots of other cool as cars Ferraris, Mercedes, Aston Martins, Porsches and Jaguars.

Here is one of the Lamborghini’s. suppercarshow12

This is a Lotus


and a Bentley.suppercarshow14

The super car show was the most coolest thing ever – I loved it. Out side there were some guys waiting by the exit with cameras ready., We wondered why then we relished they were taking photos of all the super flash cars driving past! When we were going out of Monaco I had seen like 20 more Ferrari’s That was one of the best days yet.

(21 April 2012)