Today, Friday 24th Feb 2012, we went to a car museum! In the car park there are lots of really flash Mercedes for hiring. When we were past the car park the first thing that caught my eye was the a car on display outside -another Mercedes.

By the time we got inside the museum I was ready to see more. The first room was of older cars like this one.

In the next few rooms we found classics. Soon I found my self next to a Bugatti. For anybody who does not know the Bugatti Vernon is the fastest car in the world but the one I was standing by was not a Vernon – it was one of the original Bugatti’s.

Then one of the staff drove this Porsche around inside the museum. 

Soon yes, we got to the Ferrari.

By this time I had seen a lot: 3 Aston Martin’s, Mercedes gull-wing, 4 Cadillac’s, 7 Rolls Royce’s, a solar reflex. The Mercedes gull-wing:

The solar reflex:

In summary I had a great day – it was just awesome!

(Visited on Friday 24th Feb 2012)