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These are pictures of the Alcazaba castle in Malaga that we went to.

The girl [Noelle] in between me and Daniel [we meet at a coffee bar in town] as [we wanted to take a photo of] ourselves and had no one to take it. She saw us and asked if we wanted help we said yes and started to talk [with us and] we ended up going to a castle together.

It was so awesome there. Me and Noelle baggsed [that mean’s they claimed it like I, Pete, do with cake] the biggest room as our bedroom and the smallest room next door we made that Daniel’s bedroom.

Mum said she would have the other castle we didn’t visit as her bedroom. I was like “Hey”. [In other words Amy wasn’t impressed and didn’t care- but she hadn’t seen the castle Karen claimed or she would have cared!]

[Daniel plans to write more details on this castle.]

[P.S. When you see these square brackets it means that Pete has edited what the kids have said … ] [e.g. Pete is cool!]

(Visited on Wednesday 22nd Feb 2012)