Today we went to the city of Lucerne. Down the steep moutain from our house we went. We drove to the Lidl supermarket and bought some treats and some lunch then drove onto Lucerne. We found a car park and walked to see the famous lion monument. At the monument we sat and had our lunch and some of our treats. The monument was carved into a small cliff. It was very beautiful. Then we went for a wander. During that wander we walked across a very old, wooden bridge. On that bridge we saw a very fast, very small humming bird which could beat its wings 90 times a second!!! Also humming birds can be very hard to find! The bird was probably about two cm long!

20121001 PC Wk33A Lucerne 20121001_123815

20121001 PC Wk33A Lucerne 20121001_135910

20121001 PC Wk33A Lucerne 20121001_140415

(Visited Monday, 1 October 2012)