Today we saw some Bruegel art. It was really cool. We saw the “peasants wedding feast” and the “Tower of Babel” which I had written a small report on so I read it out to Mum, Dad and Daniel:


The Tower of Babel is the subject of three oil paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The first, a miniature painted on ivory, was painted while Bruegel was in Rome and is now lost. The two surviving paintings depict the construction of the tower of babel.

The tower looks much like the Colosseum in Rome, where Bruegel had visited before he started painting. Rome, like Babylon was said to be the Eternal City. In the front is most likely to be Nimrod, the great grandson of Nimrod, who was said to have ordered the construction of the tower. Bruegel wanted the painting to show Pride being Punished.

After lunch we walked to the oldest pub in Vienna were we saw the signature of Mozart and other famous musicians on the ceiling! Next we walked around and saw some nice buildings and churches.

(Visited Wednesday, 17 October 2012)