The Return of the Herd


This painting is bustling with activity like most other paintings by Bruegal. Notice the clockwise movement as the river moves down through the valley then the cattle and farmers move up the steep path and the sharp points of the mountains go across the top of the page to meet the fold of the valley and catch the river back. A storm is spreading across the sky. The farmers are pushing their many types of cows and bulls along the path through the trees all the way to home. I like this painting because of the animals and how much activity is going on. We saw this painting at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, located in Vienna, Austria.



Like the previous painting this one is also very busy (like my Dad). The subject is taken from a passage in the book of Revelations (12, 2-9) and was painted in 1562 in the city of Antwerp, Belgium which we were in 1 month our so ago. The angel in the centre with yellow armour on and a greenish cape is the archangel Michael, who with his allies (e.g the white gowned angel) is fighting the rebel angels who appear as half human half beast monsters. I like the painting because it is the closest I could get to animals and the beasts are pretty cool. But sadly this painting is in the Museum of Fine Arts Belgium so we missed out on seeing this awesome painting by Bruegal.

(Visited Wednesday, 17 October 2012)