After spending 3 nights in Barcelona we said goodbye to Spain and caught a two hour bus trip to Perpignan on the edge of France. In Perpignan we had an enjoyable lunch and then picked up our next rental car.

Wk6B Bus 20120328_124653 Wk6B France Car 20120331_101903

Our apartment in Carcassonne was located in the very centre of the old city on Rue George Clemenceau. It really was fabulous being able to walk downstairs and open the door right on to the pedestrian road in the middle of town. Once again we loved wandering around, getting a coffee or buying a baguett for lunch etc. Unlike Barcelona where our apartment was small, just 50m2, in Carcassonne we had a large apartment, 125m2 and its two bedrooms felt like they belonged in a palace. They were so large we could practice our TKD in them! In addition the rooms were located toward the back of the apartment and so you could not hear any noise from outside.

Wk6B Carcassonne Apartment View IMG_5435 Wk6B Carcassonne Apartment View IMG_5436

The city of Carcassonne has been inhabited since ancient times and has a very interesting history. We had been really looking forward to staying in Carcassonne and we were not disappointed. The main site seeing activity apart from the city itself was to explore the castle which overlooks the city. It’s an amazing sight at night although our photos can’t do it justice.

We went to the castle twice and loved it. The highlight of the castle visit, I am just joking, was discovering a shop that sold giant meringues. I took pleasure in explaining to the shop worker that we were form New Zealand where pavlovas were invented. She didn’t seem that impressed so obviously didn’t understand my French.

Wk6B Carcassonne Castle Pav 20120329_153220

Wk6B Carcassonne Castle 20120331_102357

And of course I went for my run at Carcassonne doing a short circuit around the perimeter of the old city.

Wk6B Carcassonne Pete Run IMG_5443