Today we spent some money and bought a Salzburg Card – now we have 3 days of sightseeing!

Day One

Today it was pouring with rain:

The Mozart museum

We just pooped into Mozert’s place today. Oh you don’t know who Mozart is? Surely you now who Mozart is? He could already play the piano and violin at 5 and wrote his first symphony at 8! Mozart wrote 600 works in his 35 year life (1756 to 1791) including 22 operas! For such a great man you would expect a great museum. But the museum had no more than his hair! (o.k there were a few paintings, song sheets and rings, but still)

The Mozart museum two

This one was no better. It did have a model of the house but other that it was just had a stack of books and couple of pianos.

The river cruise

We went on a river cruise. It was great. Me and Amy sat at the front wearing captains hats and driving wooden ship steering wheels The best part was at the end the captain made it go around in circles. It was great!

20121013 Camera Wk34 Salsburg IMG_2126

The Modern Art Museum

Fate has set, Modern Art is BAD.We went all the way up and elevator and found the museum shut! The view was great though.

Then we caught a SLOW moving bus home.

Day Two

Today was better than yesterday and it was mild weather.

The Natural history museum

This was AWESOME! It was just as good as the one in London! It was well presented with at least 8 cabinets of 20 animals. My favourite animals were: (remember they are all stuffed and dead.) the huge dear, the monkeys and gorrilla’s. Also, The big cats e.g lion, panther and clouded leopard. I really liked the rodents, bears and tapirs. There were polar bears, penguins and seals. We saw elephant seals and zebra sharks. There were pigs, bison, foxes, squirrels and a whole lot of dogs.





We even saw a mouse deer!


We also went to a reptile house with live snakes, turtles, lizards and a croc! It was incredible!


The last place we went to in that museum was a small aquarium which had colourful fish, piranhas and a shark. The natural history museum was super.

The Hohensalzburg fortress

When you hear “a fort” you think amazing paintings, high towers and beautiful rooms. But most important an armoury. Did we see that? No! A few swords hardly qualifies. There was a great view though. We saw an army of skeleton like metal people with swords, spears and shields. Other than that it was not so good.


Day two was better than day one

Day Three

Today was great! The weather was brilliant.

The cable car

We went up a cable car – the cable stretched about 1.5 km from pole to pole and even though it sagged a lot we were still really high up.


Once at the top we walked up a steep path to get a breath taking view of the entire city of Salzburg.


The … ZOO

At long last we went to a zoo! This zoo has 140 species but we only saw 83. These were the best: first we saw an amazing red panda. We saw tapirs and capybaras! There was a snow leopard and a camel. But one of the best was the Przewalski horse! (a horse that was thought to be extinct but found alive!) These are only some of the animals we saw. The zoo was great.




Today was an awesome closing sightseeing day.

(Visited Wednesday 10 October 2012 – Friday, 12 October 2012)