Today we went to a mini zoo. Yes at last we are going to a zoo – a mini one, not like the one we plan to go to in Prague with 650 animal species! My favourite animal at the mini zoo was the mandarin duck. It was so colourful with dark orange feathers and bright yellow ones. Also, it had his wings sticking up as if it was showing off.

20120923 Camera Wk31B Strasbourg IMG_1393

There were tons of storks all standing on one leg!

20120923 Camera Wk31B Strasbourg IMG_1291

Some other birds we saw were: parrots, ducks, peacocks, and more!

We also saw a wallaby with a huge tail.

20120923 Camera Wk31B Strasbourg IMG_1344

One of the best animals was the tamarin – it was so small with a big fluffy face!

20120923 PC Wk31B Strasbourg 20120923_145735

There were a few lemars and a very sleepy linx. We saw a whole family of macaques (aside from humans the most wide spread primate) in one cage with a huge climbing frame. They were awesome!

20120923 Camera Wk31B Strasbourg IMG_1476

20120923 Camera Wk31B Strasbourg IMG_1482

To finish we went in a row boat on a lake!

20120923 PC Wk31B Strasbourg 20120923_164805

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