Today we went to the Kroller Muller museum (and yes we did see the famous painting called the Terrace of a Café by Night!) There were supposed to be 80 paintings by Van Gogh BUT they had to clear room for the “modern art” junk so they pulled down all but 25 of those awesome Van Gogh’s. Out of all the real works of art my favourite would have been the Café Terrace by Night. This depiction of a dimly lit café terrace on a square in Arles is really interesting, notice the huge door and the towering tree? Can you see the bell tower?

20120915 Camera Wk30B Horst Kröller-Müller IMG_0724

There were also a series six large paintings – and 12 smaller ones showing life through summer!

20120915 Camera Wk30B Horst Kröller-Müller IMG_0748

I walked right past a smaller painting but coming back to it I realised that it was the tower of Daniel whoops Babel! I wonder was the tower of Babel as big as any modern buildings?

20120915 Camera Wk30B Horst Kröller-Müller IMG_0752

I really liked the museum. Once we had finished there we had a really fun ride through the nature park which even though we didn’t see any foxes, badgers, boar, deer and snakes it was still awesome biking amongst the trees. To finish with I bought three toy animals from the shop.

20120915 PC Wk30B Horst Kröller-Müller 20120915_140215

(Visited Saturday, 15 September 2012)