When we got to the chocolate factory we paid and walked in. There in front of us was an inside playground like chipmunk’s in New Zealand. The set up was cooler but was smaller. It was really cool because there was play equipment on the roof of the lavatory’s. We played on the inside play area until quarter to eleven. Then we put on our aprons and hair nets. After that we went inside the workshop were we made three chocolate designs. I made a tractor with three marshmallow’s, some sweets and to stick on and to stick every thing together we used melted chocolate. I also made a mould of a cat out of chocolate. Then we were give rectangle plastic plates filled with white and brown chocolate. We stirred it together using our finger and then decorated it with sweets. While we worked we got to have lots of chocolate from the left over’s that were in our cups. Afterwards we played outside in the playground then went back inside to play. I had the best day ever!

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