On Saturday we moved to Puerto de la Duquesa, west of Malaga. Its a beautiful holiday resort right on the marina. We have a very stylish apartment overlooking the marina, it’s a beautiful spot and makes me feel relaxed just being here. We haven’t quite got the internet problem sorted out yet so that’s a whole lot of jobs that can’t get done – maybe that’s helping me feel a bit more relaxed as well! The kids like it here too, Amy has her own room she calls her princess room and Daniel sleeps up a stepladder in the mezzanine. Peter and I have a room overlooking the marina, perfect for a Sunday afternoon snooze. We got here a late last night (we went to a butterfly house on the way which was superb) and went out for dinner, dare I admit it, to a Chinese restaurant! The food was great and we took half of it home we were so full and so tired! Might go to an Indian restaurant next! Isn’t that what you do when you’re in Spain? Actually, the thing is this place is full of English people on their holidays so I wouldn’t call it authentic Spanish! We met a couple here tonight who’ve lived here for 18 years and still couldn’t speak Spanish!

It’s a great place for a rest and a catch up on the scheduling the next lot of sightseeing and sorting out homeschooling and doing accounts … once we get the internet sorted!