On Wednesday we drove to Granada. The two hour trip itself went smoothly; however, we spent ½ hour just trying to find a carpark so we could visit the tourist centre for information which when we reached it we found it was closed! Back to the car and then after getting directions we headed off toward the star attraction, the Alcazaba which is evidently the largest example of Moorish architecture in Spain and the greatest relic of Islamic Spain. We drove around in search of a carpark and stumbled upon one which ended up being excellent positioned for our exploration. It was however easier driving into the underground carpark then driving out and it is remarkable that there are no scratches on our rental car. Certainly Karen discovered new examples of ‘edge’ and ‘wall’ as I accelerated up steep spiral ramps which seemed impossible for a car to fit into.

We found our way up the hill to the castle and arrived in plenty of time for our 2pm session when we were permitted entry. I have included a few photos below of the fortress and then the various palaces but I will save you the history lesson and details.

Wk3 Castle 20120307_151309

Wk3 Castle Wall 2012-03-07 15.07.54

Wk3 Fortress 20120307_151335

Wk3 Palace1 2012-03-07 15.59.56

Wk3 Palace2 2012-03-07 15.59.49

Wk3 Palace Roof1 2012-03-07 16.03.43

Wk3 Palace Roof2 2012-03-07 16.04.57

Wk3 Palace3 Wall IMG_4554

(Visited 7 March 2012)