Today we  did a couple of things at the palace park. We went to a maze, the palace and an apple strudel show.

The palace: In the whole palace there are 1400 rooms! We were only allowed to see 40 though. They were very grand and we learned that a queen that lived there sometimes did not join here family at meals so she could keep her slim figure. We saw their dining room which was decorated with white and red. The table cloth was pure white and there was a lot of silver cutlery.


The apple strudel show: We walked into the kitchen and got a free sample of strudel. We watched as the lady made the mixture and rolled it up in the pastry. She asked us how she was going to put it on the tray.(she had the roll in a cloth). I said that she could lift it up inside the cloth and then place the cloth on the tray and pull the cloth out from underneath the strudel. I got to help and it worked!! I was given a certificate.

image image

The Mazes: First we went to one where Daniel and Dad beat us to middle. Next we went to one that had activities inside. At the entrance there was an ankle deep pond that you could cross either by stepping stones or a bridge. If you cross the stepping stones you get sprayed on the ankle with water. After that we went to another maze where we found a tall pole that you climbed and made the bell ring by pressing the button at the top. Daniel made it to the top but I didn’t! It was very hard. I really enjoyed the maze.

(Visited Monday, 15 October 2012)