10 more days till the cruise!

Today we went to the zoo. We saw some Fur Seals doing tricks. They jumped through hoops and went down water slides! We saw a polar bear swimming on its back. It was awesome.

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The zoo once had a flood when the river right next door was 10 meters high! Here is some information about the flood from the zoo’s web site:

“On Wednesday, 14thAugust the water level reached at the deepest places the height of more than 10 metres.

More than 1,000 animals were moved out of their homes by the water – among them there were hundreds of animal species, from birds, big cats and monkeys to rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses and elephants. Under the extreme pressure of time and in the tense and often even dramatic conditions, the workers of the zoo had to deal with probably the biggest evacuation of animals all over the world.  Other Czech zoos played an active part in the rescuing actions. Unfortunately, we did not manage to save all the animals. We evacuated 1,029 animals but the other 134 did not survive the flood. We had to kill four animals ourselves, 40 birds died even a couple of days after the flood due to the stress they had been through.”

After lunch Dad and I went shopping for a dress for me to wear on the cruise. We found three options but bought none. When Mum and Daniel came home we went out to dinner.

(Visited Wednesday, 24 October 2012)