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This is a portrait Picasso painted of his wife. She is a Russian ballerina. He painted this to mark their engagement. It is oil on a canvas. This is my favorite painting he did. I also saw a painting that he did not finish. He died in 1973 and was born in 1861.

Picasso was a very skilled artist and is quite famous. He was a brilliant portrait painter. On her head (in the painting) is an embroidered table cloth with a fringe – he did it so it looks like she is wearing Spanish styled clothing. I like this painting because she looks so pretty and stylish. I like how he has chosen to have the table cloth as a head dress. I like the cloak she is wearing too.

He tried lots of different styles of painting I think he is a very interesting artist. He is so so talented. Dad told me that Picasso puts things on people’s bodies in funny places sometimes when he paints colourful paintings of people wearing no clothes!

I am thankful that there are so many skilled artists in this world, Amy.

(Visited on Wednesday 22nd Feb 2012)