We went to Leeds today, not for a walk (because it was pouring with rain) but to go to the media museum and coal mining museum. At the media museum I really wanted to go to the IMax theatre but it was too expensive. The first thing we did was the Experience T.V. We looked around different T.V cameras and I watched a short video on the making of the T.V. Then I tried my hand at making a film and did rather good. I choose a cast for a movie, did the news and got chased by dinosaurs! Then we went to the animation gallery and saw bits of old T.V shows, how they were made and the sets they were made with. The other day we watched a Wallace and Gromit video and today we saw the set. Game lounge next: sadly all the games were really hard and they didn’t have good instructions so it wasn’t so enjoyable – oh well. Going downstairs we went to the Life Online exhibit and saw many old computers. While Amy made a home page I learnt about computer games and pretended to invest some money, which all turned out well as I picked the best companies. After that we went up stairs and watched some really weird movies. The media museum was awesome.

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Reading the News

20120706 PC Wk20 Tascaster Leeds 20120705_115245
Being chased by dinosaurs

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Then we drove all the way to the coal mining museum. Rather than spending time in the museum we went to see the ponies. On the way back to our tour we spent a few minutes in the museum. We then met our tour group and put on hard hats and lights. In the elevator it took a long time going down with lots of jolting around until we got to the bottom..It was a very interesting tour going through the ages and learning about how coal mining was done. It sounded very dangerous and I was sure glade I wasn’t a miner. The museums we went to in Leeds were really interesting and I had a really enjoyable time.

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