Yesterday we went to the pantheon which is about 2,000 years old and is still fully intact. For a 2,000 year old building it was pretty amazing. I thought that we should abseil down through the big hole in the roof and steal some of the paintings but I decided it would not be worth it because they most likely wouldn’t let me take any of them with me when I go to prison. The amazing thing is that on the outside you can not see the big dome made of concrete and it looks like a old ragged building so when you go inside you are surprised by how magnificent it is.

Anyway today we went to the Colosseum – an extraordinary arena. I heard from one tour guide that the word arena means sand. In roman times arenas had sand on the ground to absorb all the blood. The reason it is called Colosseum (some think) is because of the 35 meter statue that used to be next to it – the statue was called Colossus because it was so big, just like the Colosseum. When the emperor Titus open the Colosseum to the public it had capacity to hold 50,000 people in it to watch the gladiators fight. Each floor is about 10m tall and originally there were 4 floors. 100,000 cubit m of marble was used to build the Colosseum. There are in total 80 exits. It was built so that all 50,000 people could exit the Colosseum in 5 minutes. Here are some photos.

20120511 Camera Wk12B13A Rome IMG_7184

20120511 Camera Wk12B13A Rome IMG_7268

I really liked the Colosseum because I like Gladiators and the reason I like gladiators is because they have cool weapons.