One of the things I enjoyed about Florence was listening to all the buskers. I also liked the bridge and all the statues of people killing each other.

This is another one of my favourite things – a dinosaur museum which had skeletons of mammoths and other extinct animals such as the Glyptodon. Once we had gone to the museum we went outside to the dinosaur park. The first dinosaur we saw was the Parasaurolophus – a dinosaur with a crescent shaped head. [Mums’s comment: Did you know that Dinosaur is a universal language – an Italian person calls dinosaurs by the same name as a New Zealander etc] There was a Spinasaurus thought to be the biggest carnivorous dinosaur of 16 m. There was a T.rex and a Diplodocus. The Diplodocus has the smallest brain and the longest tail of all the dinosaurs. All of the models including many more were life size. I really enjoyed the dinosaur park.