Going for a drive

In the morning we went to the Wednesday market. There was fruit and veges, clothes, cakes and lollies but no toys. After that we went on a drive to a place with an amazing view. I must say so myself it was a pretty good view. Then we had lunch at the beach which had an amazingly blue sea. Later we were thinking we need to go to the old village and soon we were in a tourist office. In a while we knew the way. We were about to leave when I noticed the car parked next to us it was a Pontiac Trans Am. That’s only the second Pontiac I’ve seen. At the old village called Mojacar there was small alley ways, lots of steps and many souvenir shops. It also has a great view.

We went to the supermarket soon and found this pack of four white chocolate covered ice creams for only 1.55 euros ( about $3 ).That just wrapped up our extraordinary day.

(Visited on the 14/3/2012.)