After about 45 minutes we came to a small town called Figeac were we stopped and had a coffee. Amy had a hot chocolate which was bigger than mum and dad’s coffee. I had a fizz that had ice with holes.  When we got to Rocamadour, it was supposed to be raining but the weather was fine we even took of our long johns [too much information sorry]. First we went to the tourist office and met some people from Edinburgh. We saw them about ten times around Rocamadour.


Once we had climbed some stairs we came to a cave which was kind of small but still cool and the steeps to get there were very step and crumbly.


After the next few stairs we came to a shop that sold swords ,axes, crossbows and many other weapons. We had seen shops like this before.


Soon we came to the church of Rocamadour but not until two more flights of stairs. Inside the first chapel (there were many chapels in the church) we saw amazing ceilings and statues but the most extraordinary thing was that the back wall was cliff rock!

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In one cathedral there was a cabinet that had football tops. In that chapel Amy, Dad, and I made a speeches there. Rocamadour was way better then I had expected.