Today we are in Deal and we went to Dover to visit a castle. Inside the castle grounds the first thing we did was go straight to the hospital in the underground tunnels. We heard lots of recordings of people in the hospital and saw some doctor’s equipment. We then went to the war time tunnels where we saw a video of the war showing that many people were rescued at the battle at Dunkirk. Some though, were caught and put in war prisons. The war tunnels were very moving. After that we caught a road train to to the castle buildings.

20120602 PC Wk15B Deal Dover 20120601_145129

We watched a video about King Henry the II then went up the Great Tower passing though an awesome kitchen where I pretended to make soup in a huge bowl.

20120602 PC Wk15B Deal Dover 20120601_144218

At the top of the tower Amy and I played a game of fighting off the French.20120602 PC Wk15B Deal Dover 20120601_145219

We learned that the reason the King’s bed was so small was because the people would only sit up in them to sleep. They believed that if they were lying down the devil would think that they were dead and take there spirits – huh? [The majority of people slept on the floor and not in beds, only the very rich had beds.]┬áThere was more to do at Dover castle but we were to tired by 4:00 so we went home instead!

(Visited 1/6/2012)