Today we went to Dover castle. We first went into the under ground hospital and secret wartime tunnels which were used in world war two.

The Secret Wartime Tunnels

Here is some stuff I have takenĀ from wikipedia about this:

The outbreak of the second world war in 1939 saw the tunnels converted first into an air-raid shelter and then later into a military command centre and underground hospital. In May 1940, they evacuation happened of French and British soldiers from Duncirk, code-named Operation Dynimo , from headquarters in the cliff tunnels.

A military telephone exchage was installed in 1941 and served the underground headquarters. The switch boards were constantly in use and had to have a new tunnel created alongside it to house the batterys and chargers necessary to keep them functioning. The navy used the exchange to enable direct communication with vessels, as well as using it to direct air-sea rescue craft to pick up pilots shot down in the Straits of Dover.

Later the tunnels were to be used as a shelter in the event of a nuclear attack. This plan was abandeonned by the Regional Seats of Government for various reasons, including the realisation that the chalk of the cliffs would not provide significant protection from radiation, and because of the inconvenient form of the tunnels and their generally poor condition.

If they were being attacked they would have to move quickly as the enemies were just nine minutes away from Dover by plane. There are over three miles of these Tunnels going deep down into the chalky cliffs, some still undiscovered. There are tunnels that are far too dangerous to walk down.

I think World War Two was a big disaster. The Germans attacked France and the British joined the French . The Italians joined Germany. The whole thing caused a lot or terror and fear and….BANG! Ohps I forgot to disable the bomb!

I think the tunnels were awesome.

The Castle

First in the castle we went too the kitchen where we played a bit the went up the spiral stairs. At the top we also played a game where we were fighting off the French. Then on the way down we went in to the throne and bed room of the kings. Interestingly only the rich people had beds and they were very short beds because they would sleep sitting up or else they thought the devil would think there dead and take their spirit away.

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