Guess what? We went to Disneyland – yes Disney! But I made a huge sacrifice because we left at 8:10 am and where back at 1:10Am (17 hours) so I didn’t get to do my ukulele practice! OH NO! We went Monday morning and where back Tuesday morning! After the long train there we went to the tourist info and got our tickets 45 Euro – cheaper than normal! When we turned around it was WOW! A huge pink palace thing with beautiful gardens.

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When we passed the gates we were in Main Street U.S.A. We saw a horse carriage and jumped on immediately. The carriage took us down Disney Main Street. We passed all the sweet and souvenir shops And, man, Disney did a great job of this. When we arrived at our destination we walked from Fantasy Land and into Discovery Land. Then seeing the queue was only 15 minutes and Oliver recommended it we did the Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast. It was set up in a dark tunnel with targets for you to hit with your lazer guns You rode in a saucer space ship. I only got a score of 28000 which isn’t much but I did beat mum. We liked it so much that we almost did it 2 times but there were so many other awesome rides that we didn’t get time to.

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Then we did something not so spectacular – in fact it was terrible, terrifying, horrible, hideous and awful. It was the Space Mountain 2 Roll-a-Coaster. And it went up and down and around and up side down and I was clinging on for dear life and mum said most coasters were not that bad and I’m never going on another roll-a-coaster ever and I should have been more chicken (and not gone on) and it was petrifying.

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We walked out and went into Walt Disney studios where we went to the best thing in the park – Motors…Action Stunt Show Spectacular – a car stunt show were the red car is the the good guy and the black cars are the bad guys. They were driven by crazy stunt specialists so don’t try this at home! They did a stunt where a man drove a motorbike through some flames and caught on fire! It was hot for us but imagine how hot it would have been for him! There was a stunt were a car rode on up a truck and jumped on to another then on to the ground. They made a mini spy movie of all the stunts. It was a superb show!

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Then Dad and I went on the bus tour and skipped the queue with a disability pass (yah for Dad having a broken bone in his ankle!). We drove past prop like cars, planes, statues and stuffed animals which they used in movies like 101 Dalmations and Pearl Harbour. Then the bus drove took us into a set: It was a bright sunny day when it started to rain (spray from the roof but it felt like rain) a fire spewed from the ground and all of a sudden the reservoir exploded and almost washed us away. Incredible.

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To finish the day there was a parade at 10:15pm which was a bit young for me. Then was the best fire, water and light works ever. Fire works: There was a great display of fire works going every where. Water works: There were sprays of water sometimes as high as the castle. Light works: They projected all the Disney characters on to the castle and some times even onto the water!

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It was a breath taking, jaw dropping, brilliant experience! Disneyland was the second best thing we have done after the super car show in Monaco.

(Visited Monday, 27 August 2012)