Today we went across on the ferry to Amsterdam city. We first visited the library, which WAS NINE STOREY’S HIGH!!!!!!§We got into the lift and went to the top floor which housed a café. We had our lunch and Dad bought his coffee. We then went all the way DOWN again and went to the children’s area were we saw a “Mouse Mansion”. An author had made it and then used it to make her illustrations by taking a photo of it. After reading a book about the “Mouse Mansion” we left and went for a walk. We were aiming for a famous street; but did not arrive until we had been up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down lots and lots and yet more lots of bridges crossing all the nice organised canals. Finally we reached the street which was the picturesque Prinsengracht.

20120912 PC Wk30B Netherlands Amsterdam 20120912_163811 20120912 PC Wk30B Netherlands Amsterdam 20120912_165852

We went to another, yes another coffee shop! and then went for dinner with Nick and Karen, from NZ.


We got pizza at a restaurant and I shared a whole Hawaiian pizza with Dad! Then Nick took as on a short tour after an ice cream sundae at MC DONALDS (Yes, Mc Donalds! AGAIN!!!) Then we caught the ferry to the island that our car was parked on and drove home.

093-shoes.jpg (149966 Byte) Amsterdam shoes 

§Joke: What is the tallest building? A library! It has the most Story’s!

(Visited Wednesday, 12 September 2012)