We are in Glasgow Scotland now and today we walked – yes walked into town (which was a long way to walk) [Dad: what! It only took about twenty minutes. In Rome we walked for hours to get anywhere], first going to George square which was a very pretty square. Then we came across the modern art museum and there was an activity where you could spray paint on the pavement outside the museum. I did a 5m long man and a swirl. It was really fun doing the painting but the museum was boring – I guess you can’t expect much from a modern art museum.

20120713 PC Wk21 Glasgow 20120712_112442

20120713 PC Wk21 Glasgow 20120712_115822

Then we went to Hamleys – I wasn’t too excited though because I already knew it didn’t have Storm Shadow but despite┬áthis saaaaaad fact I still enjoyed it. On the way to Hamleys we saw a Costa van giving out free samples of their drinks. I had 2 mangos, 2 strawberry and one berry drink. I had a really good day.

20120713 PC Wk21 Glasgow 20120712_125701

(Visited Thursday, 12 July 2012)