Today we went to bath and had a Park and Ride place like Brighton. When we arrived at our stop naturally the first thing I spotted was the Disney shop. Most of the stuff in the shop was girl stuff but I noticed that Disney was selling Marvel stuff which I thought was strange. While we were there dad had bought a coffee (as usual).

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We were  not sure about going into the old Roman Baths but because of the good reviews we decided to spend the whopping 35 pound (NZ $70)! We thought we would spend just one hour there but with audio guides and an activity sheets we spent two hours visiting the place! The first thing was a walk way above the main bath with statues all around it.

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We went down stairs and through a museum with coins, statues, bricks, remaining from buildings, video projections of roman people at the baths and even a skeleton. Then we went through some small pools, some warm, some boiling, some cold and one not for swimming by people but for swimming by coins. It had perhpas more coins in it than the Trevi fountain! Then we moved on to the main bath and the water looked and tasted like pea soup!

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We met a man dressed as a roman craftman and I wrote in his bees wax tablet.

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After the baths we ate our lunch (3:00pm) then we set of to find the original Sally Lunn shop. On the way we came across a fudge shop and tried all the flavors we also bought Dad a fathers day present, yes fathers day, it is a different date here! At the Sally Lunn shop we bought one and it was not as nice as the 15p one from the supermarket and we were getting no were and so we had a cup of tea (coffee) and then we went home.# I really enjoyed Bath.

# This is part of Right Said Fred song (look up on internet for full song it is very funny) so please sing it while reading.

(Visited Tuesday,19 June 2012)