20120810 Camera Wk25 Stonehaven IMG_8751

Today was a great day, after school we went ice skating and swimming. At Linx ice skating arena we got our token to say the size of the skates and tried 2 or 3 on before we had the right ones. Next we went on to the rink. I took a cone to steady myselve (because this was my first time and there were lots of people dancing around) and I wobbled on to the ICE. I fell over a few times but I think I did quite well (Amy fell over tonnes of times but was just as good as me). By the time we were finished we didn’t need our cones and we were skating all over the place. I had a great time on the ice. On the way out I found I had a HUGE blister which greatly effected my swimming. At the pool we spent ages getting ready to get in. It was like Bay Wave and really warm. There was an Island for jumping off and slides but I was to chicken to go on a slide. There were waves and rapids that washed you away. I had a great time at the pool – it was awesome. What a great day.

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